Digital card catalogues

Digital card catalogues

The scanned card catalogue contains digital images of the catalogue cards. It is composed of two parts:

  • Catalogue of cimelia – special rules apply to the use of the collections listed in this catalogue (see: Rules and Regulations of the Use of the FCUM Main Library, § 19).
  • Alphabetical catalogue of the sheet music.

The catalogue is available at: It contains the information on all the sheet music collections registered in the Library until 1 July 2014. All the items acquired after this date are catalogued exclusively in the Aleph system. If you can’t find your item in Aleph you can search for it in the scanned card catalogue and request it by sending an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The catalogue is organised alphabetically by the surnames of composers. In the first window on the left, select the letter of the alphabet that is also the first letter of the composer’s surname, and choose the set of the letters corresponding to the composer’s surname (e.g. Edward Elgar may be found under Elek-End). In some cases you will have to choose a subcategory (e.g. in the set including a separate subcategory of Bacewicz). Under the subcategory, the titles or sections will be displayed which you can click on to browse for the card with a description of the work you are looking for.


Digital catalogues of audio and video recordings

Since September 2014, the collections have been catalogued only in the ALEPH library system. The Aleph catalogue is not yet complete; therefore, if you can’t find your item in Aleph you can search for it in the digital card catalogues and request it by sending an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To use the Catalogue of CDs you need to download the folder ‘FCUM CDs’ onto your hard disc and unpack it.

There are two versions of the Sheet Catalogue of CDs.

The first version is 27 PDF files each of which represents one letter of the Latin alphabet. It is useful when you want to browse works by separate composers. The second version is one very big PDF file and it is good when you want to search for names of performers or music forms in the whole catalogue.

The catalogue is ordered alphabetically according to names of composers. In case of Russian surnames Polish spelling is used, e.g. Czajkowski NOT Tchaikovsky. It is easier to navigate thanks to the bookmarks bar (bookmarks bar is on the left side in a reader). The most popular composers have their own bookmarks, in some cases works by one composer are additionally divided in terms of music forms. A tool for searching in both versions of the catalogue is started up with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F . We type in the selected phrase in a form it could appear in a sheet catalogue.

Example: Typing in the phrase koncerty brandenburskie + ENTER will guide us to the first index card containing this phrase. I order to jump to the next result we need to press ENTER again. Typing in the phrase Bach koncerty brandenburskie will show no results because such a phrase does not appear in the catalogue.

The same way of usage applies to other catalogues: DVDs, Documentation and Analogue recordings.

Sheet catalogues were closed in September 2014. Since that time collections are catalogued in the library system ALEPH only.

We wish you fruitful findings!

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