Following a number of enquiries about access to BA (bachelor’s), MA (master’s) and PhD (doctoral dissertations) theses, we would like to remind you that due to the specific nature of these papers the following rules and regulations apply:

The Main Library of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (FCUM) does not collect BA theses. We only provide lists of the titles of the diplomas defended in the respective years (the lists are submitted individually by the departments).


MA theses are available only to the FCUM staff and students.

PhD theses are available to all the interested persons provided that they have filled out a request for access to a thesis (the signature of the supervisor/coordinator is not required).

All the theses may be used in the Reading Room only. Copying of the theses, either in whole or in parts, is not permitted.


For the full rules and regulations regarding the use of these theses, please refer to the Rules and Regulations of the Use of the FCUM Main Library, §18, pp. 1-6.


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